Time to have some fun and start looking at reasons for success and failure. Here are some of comments I’ve had about strategy and the realationship to success and failure. I’ve seen some crazy reactions to “Our strategy …..”

Please help out and fill-in the blank to “Our strategy ……” on a comment. You can also comment or add your personal experiences with any of them.

I think we’ll add a “Twighlight Zone” category for great strategy to execution failure anecdotes.

If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll add a way to vote on which ones remind you of your organization.

  1. We don’t have a strategy.
  2. The strategy isn’t communicated.
  3. The strategy isn’t understood.
  4. Our strategy is so secret; no one knows what it is.
  5. The strategy keeps changing.
  6. Strategy is a bad word at our organization.
  7. We do the strategy thing once a year.
  8. I don’t know what strategy is and am afraid to say so.
  9. Strategy is for those people in the ivory tower. We do the real work.
  10. Our strategy is what those consultants made up. I hope they leave soon so we can go back to real work.
  11. Our strategy seems to claim we’re going to conquer the world. We have trouble tying our shoes.
  12. Our strategy is what the boss says it is.
  13. You can find our strategy in those three inch thick binders over in the boss’ office. In fact you can find our last three strategies from various consulting firms, in the various binders that you’ll find there.