I was on my way to my car having come from a regular consultants’ networking breakfast hosted by Ron Raumer at the Lafayett Park Hotel. There was a sign in front of a conference room “Ward Success Systems”.

Eighty or so bright eyed, alert looking men and women were having a break and so I took the opportunity to walk inside. A number of videos with names like “Success Principles”, “Ultimate Success”, and “Go for the Goal” were on a counter at the back. After a brief introduction I was invited to stay and listen.

I was shocked. All the attendees were Chiropractors! There is a motivational market niche that is so focused that it supports just Chiropractors. Not only that, but these Chiropractors had flown in from all over Canada and the US. Not only that, but the featured speaker knew many of them by name.

The messages were very short and sweet. The part that I sat through was about ‘better thinking’. I won’t try to describe it further than to say that it was compelling and clearly held the attention of his entire audience.

What a wonderful man is this Charles Ward of Ward Success Systems. How do I come to this assessment after a hour of listening to him? It was the testimonials of a number of people in attendance. I was shocked to see that many of those in attendance had had Dr. Ward as their coach for up to twenty years. This was clearly not a ‘take the motivation pill’ and then find that it wears off after a while. No, these people had been in a coach/mentor relationship for years and getting value from it.

I was sitting next to a married couple, the husband nodding and clearly agreeing with what Dr. Ward was talking about. He and his wife were later introduced to the group as the parents of one of Dr. Ward’s assistants and that he was a local minister. I could see how much of what Dr. Ward was saying would be valuable to those in attendance in any house of God.

I got to see another way of conveying how to achieve success. While I only got to see / hear the tip of the iceberg, his focus seems to be on providing group and individual coaching with a Playbook, and lots of motivational tapes.

I’m looking forward to following up with Dr. Ward to hear how he has managed to create such loyal clients over so many years to stay with him as they continue their quest to be successful Chiropractors.