Strategy 2 Execution helps leaders and their organizations successfully transition strategies to effective execution
S2E equips leaders and their organizations to achieve the full potential of their strategic intent. Surveys show that strategic programs frequently fail to meet expectations. When strategic initiatives fail, valuable resources and opportunities are wasted and the targeted ROI is not achieved.
It is our mission to close the execution gap by helping you manage the complexities of strategy execution.

We Bring Enterprise Business and IT Experience in a wide range of industries including retail, transportation, utilities, healthcare, high tech, financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecom, government and higher education.

We are Committed to Helping our Clients manage the complexity of strategy execution. S2E incorporates existing strategy execution processes, providing an outcomes based integration. It unifies your strategy, enterprise / business architecture, initiatives and program management.

We Build Outcomes-based Industry Models for large organizations. They provide the foundation for identifying what initiatives and offering you and partners can launch that together will provide targeted client performance.

We Design Operations / War Rooms that bring together key participants in the strategy execution process for the purpose of sharing ideas, envisioning, demonstrating new capabilities, monitoring targeted outcomes and providing a safe environment for strategy execution leadership discussion.

Strategy 2 Execution is a Deloitte and Microsoft Partner

Strategy 2 Execution works in close cooperation with organizations dedicated to realizing the value of their investment in Microsoft technologies and services.

Through an outcomes based Value Engineering approach we help our clients target and achieve the greatest value of their partners’ investments in the workplace. We work with clients and provide global strategy execution experience on the latest, best practices with Deloitte and Microsoft in specific industries and businesses.

We work together and show how a clients’ targeted outcomes can be achieved by using targeted outcomes to navigate the complexity of changes to human behavioral, process, information and technology.

Change Management and Adoption

The Strategy 2 Execution method is designed to identify and provide focus on the targeted outcomes most impacted by changes in human behavioral. We have worked with many of the leading Change Management Methodologies. The method and our team provide increased confidence to client leaders of great change by simplifying and introducing to Leaders’ a simplified set of techniques based on the top Change Management Methodologies. We equip leaders to successfully navigate those all-important ‘in the moment’ conversations that can occur at any time with the key change agents who can make or break a successful change effort.

Our understanding of the expectations of all stakeholders allows S2E to help your organization develop and execute the change processes that are required to achieve your targeted outcomes. Ron Lamb is experienced in many Change Methodologies, and certified through Prosci, a leading provider of Change Management training & methodologies.

Ron Lamb, Founder & Managing Director


Ron Lamb, in founding Strategy 2 Execution, had a vision to create step-improvement over current Strategy Execution ‘best practices’. Surveys show that strategy execution programs fail over 75% of the time to meet leaders’ expectations. When strategic initiatives fail, valuable resources are wasted and opportunities and careers lost.

We’ve now completed over fifteen years of systematic research and work with clients with multiple ‘bet the business’ challenges. We have continued to improve upon the principles, unified method, visualizations, technique and tools that serve to build strategy execution confidence that targeted outcomes will in fact be achieved. Strategy 2 Execution is completely focused on creation of step improvement over the way existing methods and tools are applied.

Ron is an accomplished senior business and IT leader offering advisory and engagement management services for building and executing business aligned IT strategies for premier large-scale firms. The S2E method that he developed answers performance-based key questions in an enterprise context using data-driven strategic frameworks and links strategy, change management to enterprise architecture and the technologies that enable organizations to increase revenues and delight customers . Ron helps business and IT leaders make timely and insightful financial and operational decisions.

As a management consultant he is skilled at setting the right pace for increasing maturity of strategy and execution planning and delivery and develops teams who know how and when to leverage best practices and when to “keep it simple”. Cross-leveraging deep IT and business experience into high tech environments is a special area of expertise.

Proven business development and relationship management with Accenture, Fujitsu Consulting (DMR Group) and as Head of Strategy 2 Execution.

Co-Chair of Microsoft’s Enterprise Architecture Council

Guest Speaker Engagements have included: University of San Francisco’s Executive MBA Program, the Association for Strategic Planning’s Annual Conference, Microsoft’s Architecture Summit, and TechReady and Unisys Global Airports Conference.

Co-Chair of Cal Poly’s Computer Engineering Faculty’s Industry Advisory Board and Advisor to Engineering Senior Leadership.

Ron holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo (Canada). He lives with his family in San Francisco’s East Bay area.

Ron was able to take our leadership team down an outcomes based analysis of our company goals and objectives. In short order, the team was able to get above the noise of perpetual urgent priorities and sort out the necessary steps towards the near and long term desired outcomes. Ron’s business acumen married to his mastery of methodology makes him highly effective. Ron is one of those guys you are thankful to have on your team instead of the competition’s.
(February 10, 2010, Steven was with another company when working with Ron at Strategy 2 Execution LLC)
Steven Liao, CEO, Mechanicnet
“Ron Lamb has figured out a new way to provide structure to the very unstructured environment where most initiatives live. suspect that in a few years, everyone will wonder what they did without it.”
Stephen J. Huxley, Ph.D., Professor of Information and Decision Sciences, University of San Francisco
“Our team of energy firms and the DOE weren’t sure we were working on the right things until we tried the Language of Execution. After a one day session we had a clear roadmap. For the first time we all understood what it would take to achieve our objectives. It has been our guide for the past year”
President of a Major Energy Corporation's Hydrogen Business, Technology Ventures