Enough is enough. My personal experience of execution is that it fails way too often. Organizations are investing in strategies and program management that according to most studies fail more often than not. (More about these studies later)

What must be occurring is that this investment is giving only marginal improvements. This Blog is focused on discussing and creating a store of knowledge and best practices that can provide a step improvement in execution. It is no longer enough to create incremental improvement.

We need executives and program managers to contribute. Strategy to execution takes in all types of participants, from CEO’s to individual contributors. Most new ideas presented through training or literature are aimed at either ‘leaders’ or ‘team members’ but not both. This is a basic flaw and a root cause of failure. We need to understand execution of strategy in the same way regardless of role, seniority, or functional expertise. This Blog will only succeed if all types of participants provide input and challenge ideas.

This Blog is meant to provide you and me an opportunity to raise fresh ideas and seek highly critical points of view on the subject of sustainable step improvements in execution. Welcome to those of you who are distressed at current execution capabilities and are motivated to participate. Goodbye to those of you who don’t see any opportunity to contribute fresh thinking.

I don’t have anything against the training, authors, new practices that are currently popular. It is just that they are mostly aimed at improvement at some sub-level involving the execution of strategy. This approach seems to provide only incremental improvement.

We need a new way to improve the success rate of execution. I believe that can only be done by looking at overall execution of strategy. That is, strategy 2 execution (s2e) as a whole. I will leave it to others to improve the sub-components.