Alan S. Michaels President of eCompetitors Inc started what has become a very popular strategy discussion on It is a must read for anyone interested in how to improve development of strategy and its link to execution. It provides the ultimate list of frameworks and some of the methods used by top strategy professionals. The discussion has also categorized each strategy method for its most common usage.

The group has created a list of strategy methods and strategy frameworks. New strategy formulation methods have been added. If you’re looking to understand how professional strategist choose a method or leverage a framework to help a company or client this is a great asset.

“CORE TOPIC: Many believe that Michael E. Porter’s holistic corporate planning methodology (see “Competitive Advantage”) is the best. What else do you recommend? For completeness, below is a partial list of other “planning methodologies” to consider, although most are simple niche processes. Do you know of anything missing?

[See the LinkedIn Site (link above) for the list.