You may have seen that I’ve had the odd day without a new posting. Getting a Blog going is tougher than I thought.

The Trial:
One of the first things I did when I started was to add a little tool to the site that would tell me how many people were visiting, from where and what they looked at. Well, this wonderful tool was showing that I was the only one looking at my site. I knew that wasn’t quite true from people who sent me emails congratulating me on getting it going. Why the missing postings? I’ve been using up my “Blog time” on fixing problems like this. Since it didn’t appear that many people were visiting, I thought I’d use the time to solve some of these problems.

The Tribulation:
I was wrong. I just got the applications going that tells me who is visiting. Within the first five minutes it showed 9 people were looking at the site. A little math and that says that more than just a few people at least think that the title of the Blog is interesting. It also says that I can’t take a day or two to work on problems at the expense of content.

Regarding the content, the only way I know if it’s interesting is if you leave a comment. Right now you have to click on the posting title. It’s not very convenient and I will fix it. For those of you who prefer to read off-line, I am now adding .pdf hardcopies of postings to download and read later.

So welcome and again let me know what part of the Language of Strategy 2 Execution Blog is interesting to you.


p.s. My thanks to my friend Mike Werner of Bikes in the Fast Lane – Motorcycle News. Apart from sharing his passion for motorcycles, his site is wonderful for anyone contemplating a visit to Normandy France. His blog has lots of suggestions that only locals would know about. He has been great in sharing his long time Blogging experience.